The human face is composed of cosmetic and functional units, among which the eyes and the periocular region make up a primordial point in interpersonal relationships.

Therefore this unity is essential in the expression of mood, emotion and character. Disorders of the periocular area lead to both aesthetic and functional imbalance. As a consequence, the eyelids can develop excess skin (dermatochalasis) and/or fatty bags, giving rise to an aged appearance, a sad look or permanent tiredness.


How is Blepharoplasty carried out?


Eyelid surgery is not complex. Through a small incision, the excess skin and muscle of the upper eyelids are removed. As a result, the drooping of the upper eyelids which gives an older looking appearance is corrected; For this reason, by removing them, facial features typical of age are reduced, leaving a young and fresh face.


In addition, with this skin, vision problems are also eliminated in the future, because the excess skin removed from the eyelids can come to rest on the eyelashes, creating vision difficulties.


The operation takes approximately 90 minutes, with local anesthesia and the recovery time is 2 to 5 days, performed on an outpatient basis. However, the results will be visible immediately. The wound is treated with antiseptic once a day, and anti-inflammatories are needed only for a couple of days. The sutures are removed in 10 days, and during this phase it is recommended to try not to gesticulate too much so as not to load the edges of the wound with tension, and thus not alter the shape and size of the scar. During the first few months it is advisable to protect the scar from the sun so that it can heal properly and does not take on a permanent reddish hue.



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