It is a simple procedure that repairs and improves the appearance of one or both earlobes. Among women it is very common to have a torn lobe, a total tear or dilations in the ear, repairing it is now very simple.

Lobuloplasty is increasingly in demand since it is a rather unsightly appearance that many women have (even some men if they have had a piercing or ear dilation).

There are different reasons why a tear in the lobe can occur, which is a common reason for Lobuloplasty. Situations as simple as the weight of the earrings along with the passing of the years or sleeping with the earrings on. It can also be caused by an involuntary and accidental pull of the ears or by a small blow during a sport practice or playing in the case of minors.

The passing of the years also ages the lobe, it is very common to see very large lobes in older people, disproportionate to the rest of the ear or sagging. In these cases, Lobuloplasty is also the procedure that corrects these deformities, managing to harmonize the shape and size of the lobe with the rest of the facial features.

Lobuloplasty has many benefits for the patient, it helps to recover the normal morphology of the earlobes, which gives the patient greater self-esteem and self-confidence. Being able to look much more rejuvenated in the same day. In addition, patients describe the postoperative period as a very bearable, easy and discomfort-free situation.

How is a lobuloplasty performed?

It is a very simple surgery that lasts approximately 15 minutes per ear. Local anesthesia is used, that is, only the area to be rehabilitated is numbed, in this case, the lower part of the ear.

It consists of opening the affected area to suture it again through two or three stitches. To finish, the earlobe that has been operated on is covered to avoid possible infections, although they are very rare in this type of technique. Recovery is very fast and it is not painful at all, the patient can lead a completely normal life just after performing the lobuloplasty.

The stitches are removed after one to two weeks. The only discomfort that may occur during this period is the tightness of the stitches, but it goes unnoticed by most patients.

Once the stitches have been removed and two more weeks (one month in total) have been allowed to pass, if the patient requests it, the hole can be made again to show off earrings again. Care must be taken not to make the new opening where the initial tear occurred to prevent it from happening again. During this first month the patient will not be able to wear earrings to achieve good results in the future.

During the first few months it is advisable to protect the scar from the sun so that it can heal properly and does not take on a permanent reddish hue.

construccion de lobulo

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